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Famous Fashion Designers In France

famous fashion designers in france

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  • French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924)

  • a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe

  • France ( or ; : ), officially the French Republic (Republique francaise, ), is a state in Western Europe with several overseas territories and islands located on other continents and in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.For more information, see .

  • A country in western Europe, on the Atlantic Ocean; pop. 60,424,000; capital, Paris; official language, French

famous fashion designers in france - Chanel (Metropolitan

Chanel (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

Chanel (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

This splendid book examines the legacy of Gabrielle ?Coco” Chanel, one of the twentieth century's great icons of style. While Chanel mythologized her glamorous life through relentless self-invention, the bare facts of her biography are no less worthy than her legend: born of a poor family in the provinces and raised in a convent, she was an entertainer and the mistress of men of impeccable social standing, and she began her career not as a dressmaker but as a milliner.

Chanel's enduring influence is necessarily based on the long shadow cast over fashion by her maison couture. Chanel examines the history of the House of Chanel both thematically and chronologically, introducing ideas and elements of biography as they were expressed in her collections. Period examples are juxtaposed with the work of Karl Lagerfeld, who, beginning in 1983, just over ten years after Chanel's death, reinvented and revolutionized the House's identity. It is in Lagerfeld's masterful and often irreverent interpretations of Chanel's work, as well as his mixing of influences from high and low culture, that the historic importance of Chanel and the resonance of her image as the independent, elegant modern woman are both defined and reasserted for the contemporary world.

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French Revolution Relic Recently Discovered

French Revolution Relic Recently Discovered

During the 10 bloody years (1789-1999) of the French Revolution, beheadings were quite popular. We all know the fate of Marie Antoinette.

When a person’s head was lopped off by a guillotine, the severed head fell from the platform and landed in a straw basket below. This sight was a huge crowd pleaser.

It seems, one poor person’s severed head was forgotten after its beheading, and left to rot and decay in the basket it fell into. Amazingly, the basket survived better than the human head. The human head turned to skull.

Paris “Match” magazine reported that this relic of the French revolution was discovered by a famous skeleton, Beau Ness, who, while in Paris to do some modeling jobs for a famous fashion designer, discovered it when his iPhone fell from his hands, while he was Tweeting, and landed in a mud pile.

As Beau was digging in the mud to recover his iPhone, the skull, still in the basket, surfaced. He, at once, not recognizing the deceased, contacted the local Paris police.

A government team has already dated the skull and basket and they are both, indeed, from the French Revolution circa 1792. The team is now trying to find the identity of the victim.

While under investigation, the skull and basket are being housed in the warehouse of the Louvre.

Beau, in honor of his great discovery, was given the French La Vie Award at a recent dinner in his honor.
~ Marsha J. West

... vale a pena lembrar ...

... vale a pena lembrar ...

Uma das minhas atuais musas

(foto: 1962, France --- French couturier Coco (Gabriel) Chanel (1883-1971) opened her first couture house in Deauville (1913) and later in the Rue du Cambon in Paris (1924). She was to revolutionize women's fashions during the 1920s by combining simple elegance and comfort in her designs, giving them immediate, widespread and lasting appeal. At the height of her glamorous career she managed four businesses, including the manufacture of her world famous perfume, Chanel No 5. --- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS)

famous fashion designers in france

famous fashion designers in france

King of Fashion: The Autobiography of Paul Poiret

An extraordinary story, Paul Poiret's 1931 autobiography describes the meteoric rise of a draper's son to become the "King of Fashion." From his humble Parisian childhood to his debut as a couturier to his experiences during WWI, Poiret reveals all in this captivating tale. A remarkable testament to the energy of the Art Deco movement, Poiret's memoir recounts how his artistic flair, coupled with his exceptional and highly original cutting skills, enabled him to translate the spirit of the era into revolutionary garments. An astute businessman, Poiret describes the expansion of his fashion empire to encompass furniture, decor, and the first designer perfume, and recalls the extravagant Oriental garden parties at which his guests would parade his latest creations.

This book, out of print for decades, offers an evocative inside look at the life of a celebrated figure in fashion history.

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